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Oregon expungement law (ORS 137.225)

Oregon juvenile expungement law (ORS 419A.260)

Oregon firearm restoration (ORS 166.274)

Sealing an Arrest or Conviction

Getting a record expunged can do more than give you a clean slate – it can help you pursue your dream job. Get a loan without explaining an old arrest or conviction. Help you get your firearms back. Or coach your son’s soccer team. Basically, it can help you get back to life. That’s why you need an attorney with expertise in expungements. 

Sandi Pellikaan focuses on expungements, which means she knows the law. And through expunging hundreds of cases per year, she’s gotten to know the preferences of the different courts and district attorneys – as well as developed good relationships with them. This helps promote fast turn-arounds – and results that matter.

Instead of waiting weeks for an attorney to “figure things out,” Ms. Pellikaan will have documents prepared and ready to sign within a week of hiring. Understanding that an arrest or conviction can put your life on-hold, she works quickly and efficiently to get your record expunged – so that you can move on. Clients report feeling happier, less burdened and freer after getting their records expunged. 

If your record is not eligible for expungement, you may still be able to have your Second Amendment firearm rights restored under ORS 166.274. However, ORS 166.274 does not apply to people convicted of a person felony or Measure 11 crime or to people still serving a sentence or who have served a sentence within the past year. If you believe you may qualify under 166.274, call me to discuss the particulars of your case.

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News and Updates

Google changes algorithm to demote mugshot websites in search results.

Under Oregon law, mugshot websites must now remove dismissed or expunged cases within 30 days of receiving a written request. The sites may not charge a fee to remove mugshots under these circumstances. 

Some sex crimes may now be expunged. HB 3327 allows a conviction for Sex Abuse III, Contributing to the Sexual Delinquency of a Minor, Rape III, and Sodomy III to be eligible for expungement if the person has been given relief from sex offender registration (pursuant to ORS 181.830) and does not have a conviction or adjudication for a crime that is ineligible for expungement. 


“I felt better after talking with her.”

“She put me at ease. She was very easy to talk to — not intimidating.”

“She shared a lot of information but in a way that I left her office feeling empowered, not overwhelmed.”

“Don’t let that Southern drawl fool you – Sandi is tough in the courtroom and fought hard to win my case.”